The Perfect Beach House

Rhode Island Beach House

Rhode Island Beach House

Rhode Island Beach House

Rhode Island Beach House

Rhode Island Beach House

While it’s no secret that I’m an autumn girl, I still can’t resist a good beachfront property. Quaint, nautical, classic beach houses are probably my favorite photos to browse during the spring/summer months and since August is coming to a close, I figured I’d share one more of my favorites.

This Rhode Island home epitomizes nearly everything I’d want in my own [hypothetical] beach house. The upholstery is what first caught my eye… pretty much every surface is adorned with a fabric that I love. White chairs with piping, navy + white striped bar stools, and a whimsical tufted coffee table. How cool is that? Coffee table designs have become increasingly unique lately and while I usually see myself going a more traditional route for those kind of basics, I’m kinda digging this! This home also has the perfect amount of pattern mixing… it’s subtle, confined to the pillows, and all in the same color family.

Any particular elements call out to you? Maybe the really awesome dining room table or the fireplace? I think both are pretty great!

Images via Domino: A Modern Day Beach House Makeover


A Vintage Living Space


You probably already know this by now, but I’m a sucker for vintage decor. I’d describe my decorating style as a mix between vintage/dark wood/classic/traditional elements + nautical with whites/blues/light wood. It’s an interesting combination, but it works — and makes for a pretty unique room decor situation. One thing that I’m really looking forward to about having my own home is being able to invest in a few high end vintage pieces. I love when an antique-looking piece is actually an antique, rather than a modern replica. Personally, I love going to antique stores and flea markets to find hidden gems amongst lots of junk. But in this day and age, online shopping is the preference for many, and there are a handful of sites that allow you to vintage shop online.

Enter: Chairish. An online marketplace where people from across the country can buy and sell gently used + vintage decorative pieces and furniture. Much to my surprise, many starting prices are pretty reasonable (you can bid on items, too) and considering how much I love going to vintage stores, I surprisingly didn’t mind browsing online. When Chairish reached out to me to design a dream room around one of their statement chairs, I knew there would be no shortage of furniture, lighting, and decorative objects to adorn my dream space. I sort of went for the over the top, very traditional/classic route with some whimsical details…it’s really fun to pick out things for a space, even when you know it’s just for fun. While a few of the things I’ve featured here are quite pricey (ahem, the rug and sconces), some are more budget-friendly (e.g. the bookends and pineapple). If you’re a vintage lover, check out the site… it’s so easy to get inspired!

Accent Table
Key Rack

A Dose of Interior Inspiration

Bookshelf Curtains





Maybe it’s that recent graduates are entering the workforce and moving to new places, or that August means Congress is in recess and DC clears out so people seem to be more relaxed and want to take on projects, but this time of year seems like the prime time for rearranging, moving, and/or redecorating. I’m a firm believer that your space will continue to evolve over time and that the decorative process should not be rushed — which is great, because it means that you get to add to your space whenever something catches you eye. Our apartment has taken great strides since we moved in in April, but I’m always thinking of new ways to change things up or build on what we’ve got. Each of the spaces I’ve included here have something or another that I want to incorporate into my space, yet each one is so different. I know my style is still evolving, but I’ve realized two things in the past year: I can’t live in stark white, minimalist spaces and I love traditional elements such as brass, wood, or classic color combinations like blue + white and brown + gold. It’s no surprise that a sizable portion of my decor inspiration comes from Pinterest (check out my decor board here), but there’s such an abyss that I actually get really excited when I find a “dream space” amid everything!

Do you have any key decorative elements that you gravitate towards or stay away from? It’s fun to hear everyone’s personalized and what each person would do to make their space different, so share away!

Images via (top to bottom): Domaine Home, Short & Loud, How to Decorate by Ballard Designs, Ronald F. De Mauro Architects on, Domaine Home, Pink Peonies by Rach Parcell, Cullman & Kravis





Bookshelves - Elle Decor

Bookcases - Elle Decor


One of the requirements in my future home will be ample space for book storage. In addition to the leisurely reading part, books, especially coffee table books, are great conversation starters. They double as decorative pieces and it’s quite fun to rearrange and color code a collection. As I’ve said before, I love collecting decorative books on cool subjects and like the fact that you (and your guests) can casually peruse whatever catches your eye at the moment. I’m not actually sure what kind of bookshelf/storage I would ideally want, but all of these options are looking pretty appealing. The navy ridged backdrop in the last photo is probably my current favorite… it has a classic feel but is easily customizable color-wise. It also doesn’t detract from whatever books and accents are on the shelves.

For now, I’ll settle for my half-sized Ikea Expedit and stay jealous of all of you who have nice clean built-in shelving units! Between that and a nightstand, there are actually plenty of decent surfaces to store books in my little apartment. I probably have a lot of time before these dream bookshelves become a reality!

Images (top to bottom) via: Domino, Adore Your Place, Better Homes and Gardens, Elle Decor, Elle Decor, and Better Homes and Gardens    

5 Coffee Table Books


When you’re younger, there are activities that you really, really dislike. One of those things for me — and for many of you, I’m guessing — was decor and furniture shopping (unless it was for my own room, that was a different story). I had no explanation for my distaste and my parents swore I’d grow out of it and wind up enjoying interior design-related shopping when I was “older.” Of course I didn’t believe them, but as is the case with many things your parents tell you, they were right. I mean, decor is a significant portion of this blog, so I have to admit that I love it…

Of course, part of decorating includes coffee table books and decorative accents. My parent’s house has large amounts of both of these…the bookshelves are piled high. If you asked me five years ago, I never would have expected to be excited about collecting coffee table books for my own space. These five are on my radar right now… they would expand my current collection, which contains an assortment including 5: Where Will You Be Five Years from Today?Kate Spade’s Things We Love and Domino: The Book of Decorating. I also can’t get enough of little knick knacks (another post for another day) and have amassed quite the collection growing up, so it’s the best feeling when you discover that all these books + trinkets actually help shape the tone and style of your living space.

Do you have any coffee table/accent books that you love? I’m always looking for more recommendations, and word of mouth is huge in helping narrow down the search. Hoping for something beach-related in the near future, too!

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