Friday Things


Happy friday, Friends! I hope you all had a nice week. This weekend is an exciting one with a close friend moving into town, some Jazz in the Garden tonight, and a special birthday to celebrate. Despite this being my third summer in DC (I was here between my junior and senior years), I haven’t yet made it to Jazz in the Garden. The weather is supposed to be beautiful  so I’m pretty excited to pack some wine + cheese and have a relaxing evening with good music. On a completely other note, I’ve been working hard on a little facelift for Cake & Lilies and it’s almost done! Hope to have it unveiled in a few days, so keep your eyes peeled for that. It’s going to be pretty great!

Any fun plans for the weekend on your end? This city is so quiet in August…everyone seems to be on vacation! If you are, I’ll plan to live vicariously through you!

Of note…

Starbucks’ Pumpkin Spice Latte will be back this month, as in before September. It’s no secret that I love fall, but this is a little aggressive? Apparently you can order it iced, though…

– I don’t think Kate has ever posted a style that I didn’t like, but she completely read my mind with this post about navy + camel. Isn’t it the best combination? I’ve been toying with the idea of a camel coat and it doesn’t seem like a terrible idea.

Obligatory panda triplet post…obviously! Judge me all you want, but I still think they’re the cutest little nugs in their naked mole rat state. These are the only three panda triplets to have survived this long, which is really amazing considering how many newborns — even “only children,” if you will — don’t make it.

– Did you see? I posted about my favorite Instagram accounts this week!

– We already know that Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are a fantastic couple (look at them…) but this is proof that they have a great sense of humor as well. Ryan wrote a letter applying to be the Editorial Director of Blake’s new start-up and it’s hilarious/ nerdily-adorable. The Blakery? That’s love.

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Friday Things


The weekend is here! I’ve felt particularly productive this week and am looking forward to keeping weekend plans light with a couple brunches and a movie (I’m so so excited to see The Hundred Foot Journey). There are some fun changes on the horizon around these parts and I promise the result will be good, so stay posted! Whatever your plans may be, I hope you have a great one!

Of note…

Banana Republic is changing things up … maybe in a good way. I’m strongly contemplating this sweater…it’s kind of perfect.

– The August issue of Matchbook Mag is out and per usual, it’s a good one. A nice Friday afternoon read, if I do say so myself!

– I’ve tried a few mug cake recipes and have felt pretty eh about all of them until this one, which I fully admit to eating last night (this is why I can’t go on a 100% healthy diet…moderation, people). If you have Nutella on hand, chances are you have the other three basic ingredients you need to make this really, really delicious/easy microwavable cake!

– I fully admit to loving girly novels… they’re the perfect quick read. The Everygirl did a feature on Emily Griffin, who has an incredibly inspiring story and a stunning studio. If you’re a fan of any of her books (like Something Borrowed) or an aspiring writer, you’ll love this interview.

Matouk is one of those brands whose products I plan to invest in when I have my own home. They make the most beautiful, luxurious sheets + bedding in the the prettiest materials. While they’re very much a splurge, Erin wrote about her trip to the Matouk Factory outside of Boston, which sounds fascinating. They’re planning to open the factory to visitors in the near future, which sounds like a really cool experience. And with the factory comes the factory store, which also sounds like a place I want to be. Road trip, anyone?

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Friday Things


Happy Friday! I’m not sure how it’s already August, but I’m determined to make the best of every remaining summer weekend before ringing in my favorite season. Dinner at one of  my favorite restaurants, brunch, perhaps some grilling, and seeing the Lion King at the Kennedy Center (!!) are basically my plans this weekend and I’m very, very much okay with that. Have any fun plans? Go do summery things like have drinks outside, go to the pool, or make impromptu trips to the ice cream shop because September is right around the corner. Eek!

Of note…

– I was literally laughing out loud at Krista’s post on Instagram vs. Real Life. Things I appreciate: 1) that she’s very much okay making fun of herself and 2) that I feel a little less crazy knowing that other people put so much thought into what they post. While I can’t say that I’ve quite reached this level, I completely commend Krista — and so many other bloggers who go out of their way to get a perfect shot– for their actions because their feeds are way better than mine. I’ll completely admit that the shots I’ve put significantly more thought into get way more “likes”!

– For those of you who dabble in design/Photoshop, you’ll want to bookmark this basic tutorial on how to reduce a layer’s opacity.

Victoria posted about 30 things she’s learned in 30 years and it’s gold. It’s filled with the little bits of wisdom that often don’t come to mind unless someone mentions them to you or puts them into writing. Add that to the photos she posted of herself (with captions) from the past decade and this is a total put-a-smile-on-your-face, inspiring post. A must-read for all us 20-somethings!

– I love this dress. A lot. I mean, just look at the cut and color!

Sylvia’s brunch spread looks amazing and had me craving cake, breakfast food, and champs midday. Not that that hasn’t happen before, but her particular setup is so beautifully done that I want to hop into the screen and steal some of that layered cake!

– While the petite’s section in a store isn’t where I personally shop, I know a lot of girls under 5′ 4″ who struggle to find pieces that fit well without alternations. I’ve shopped with many friends who have expressed their frustrations, so I was excited to see that there may be a solution in the works! This Kickstarter explains it all (watch the video!)… it’s really cool and seems like it could be a potential solution to a petite shopper’s woes!

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Friday Things


 This week felt particularly draining, but I’m excited to muster up some energy because two of my closest friends are coming into town back to back this weekend into early next week. There are lots of fun plans and I’m excited to be productive today and start the weekend off right. Keeping links short + sweet today (literally – check out the last one!) Whatever your plans may be, I hope you have a great one!

Of note…

– I’ve been really into embroidered tops lately and mighttt need to make this one mine (thanks for always having a sale, LOFT!)

– It was Baby George’s first birthday this week and Vogue has the best recap of the little guy’s fashion endeavors/the hypothetical thoughts that may be going through his head. It’s pretty adorable on all accounts!

– For all you avid coffee drinkers, it’s interesting to see how caffeine levels vary between popular chains. There’s apparently significantly more caffeine in Starbucks brew than Dunkin Donuts, which was a complete surprise to me. Who knew there was so much variance… may explain why each has its own cult following!

This is a super old (like 2004 old) recipe that happened to pop up on the sidebar of an NYT article I was reading, but it looks delicious so I had to share. Chocolate Lime Pie that’s really easy to make. I just wish I’d seen this sooner!


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Photo (it’s in Georgetown!)+ modifications by Monica Dutia for Cake & Lilies

Friday Things


Happy happy Friday! Most of why I’m so excited about this weekend is because it’s my birthday tomorrow and the fun stuff starts tonight. Two celebratory dinners (and my favorite margs tonight!), a little shopping, a picnic, great friends, and me trying to incorporate as many sweets into the weekend as I can — definitely the recipe for an ideal birthday weekend. This week felt really busy (in a good way) with happy hour, my first barre class, and RewardStyle school night last night (which was awesome!). Barre was amazing, but also not so great because I may now be hooked on a pretty pricey activity. What are your plans this weekend? If you want an excuse to eat some cake, feel free to blame it on my birthday. I know that’s what I’ll be doing for next week…not that eating cake requires an excuse!

PS: I’ll be back later today with my picks from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale (aka my favorite sale of the year), so stay tuned!

Of note…

– A weird and somewhat disconcerting thing called the TSA’s Instagram account… the sad thing is, I don’t think anything on their page is made up.

– I’ll probably eventually splurge on a Fitbit eventually but am already tempted by the new Tory Burch accessories. While I can’t imagine I’d actually want to work out wearing the metal bracelet, it would be the perfect way to dress up the device for the rest of the day.

– There’s a chance my roomie and I will hit a flea market on Sunday, and Emily’s post about some of her owns steals has me even more excited about the prospect of going!

– I know that this may come as a surprise and that I may be in the minority here, but I actually don’t mind the Birkenstocks comeback, at all. I swore by the shoes for much of my middle and high school years (admittedly, not my finest years) and even brought them along freshman year of college to briefly wear as slippers. I have the ones Sally is wearing here and think that her outfit is perfect proof that Birks can be cute.

– Kind of obsessed with the Everlane x Langley Collection of tanksEverlane has already won me over with their regular tees and I’m fighting off the urge to buy these tanks in every color (the drape style is my favorite). Perfect under sweaters in the winter, solo over the summer, dressed up with skirts, down with jeans/shorts.

– Has anyone heard of this cure for hiccups…peanut butter?! I’m intrigued and am definitely going to try it next time. I don’t know who can even manage to drink water from a cup upside down, or however that cure goes!

– As someone who gets headaches relatively easily, I don’t like popping pills unless a) it’s that bad/unbearable or b) I have somewhere to be/things that urgently need to get done and I can’t nap it off. Cue this stuff, which is getting tacked on to my next Amazon purchase. The comments on Joanna’s post seem to indicate that it does actually work!

Image via A Bowl Full of Simple with modification made by me