I’m Loving: Inslee’s 2015 Calendar


I know, I know. The last thing many of you want to see right now is the sequence of numbers “2015.” I keep prematurely mentioning fall over here (#sorrynotsorry) and am admittedly really jumping the gun by mentioning next year. But it’s worth it for this. I promise!

You’ve probably heard me mention Inslee around these parts… if not, go check out her site, stat, and you’ll see why she’s been discussed over here. Each year, she illustrates a beautiful calendar that in my opinion, serves as the only art you need near/on your desk. The calendar is always good (check out last year’s here) but since I only discovered Inslee’s work within the past year or two, I unfortunately haven’t yet had one of these beauties grace my desk (I got the 2013 one at the Georgetown French Market on major sale and am planning to frame/hang the pages).

Anyway — this year will be different. I’ve already forwarded my mother the email announcing the 2015 calendar and I’m planning to subtly hint that she should buy it for me make it mine. This year, Inslee partnered with Dempsey & Carroll — one of NYC’s finest stationers — to produce the calendar. It’s printed on Dempsey & Carroll’s paper and comes with a little easel for propping up each page. This also means that the packaging is divine, plus Inslee is including two bonus prints with the calendar. Is this making your week yet? Because it kind of made mine…

There’s currently a special pre-order rate, so definitely snag that and you’ll have le calendrier your possession in around a month. It was pretty hard to pick and choose favorites, so make sure you check out the rest of the illustrations (and order) here. Apologies if this sounds like a long-winded advertisement…I’m just really, really excited to finally get my hands on one of these babies! It’s too good not to share…early holiday shopping, anyone?

P.S. Want the full story being the Dempsey & Carroll partnership? Inslee wrote about it here and is undoubtedly one of the best writers I’ve ever encountered. I love her blog!

Images courtesy of Inslee.net


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