10 Instagram Accounts I Love


Instagram is by far my favorite social media platform. It’s a great way to share snippets of your life while still having lots of creative liberty in how you do so. I’m still trying to nail down my favorite editing techniques (I got on board pretty late in the game… as in last year. Oops!), but admire these ladies for their consistency, creativity, and inspiring posts. I don’t like following multiple accounts that post the same type/style of content, so here’s a little sampling of my absolute favorites… each one varies slightly with their style and type of content.

Any other favs you recommend I follow? Share them (and/or yours) below and I’ll check them out! Follow me here : )

ONE/ Lemon Stripes: Bright, witty, happy: those are three words to describe Julia’s Instagram. I feel like I’m right there with her in all of her posts– each one feels so accessible and realistic rather than overly staged and phony. She seriously knows what she’s doing, and it shows!
TWO/ Liz Schneider: Liz’s blog is one of my favorites and on Instagram, she posts the perfect mix of inspiration/fashion/blog content + her personal life. It’s always nice to feel like you know the writer in some capacity, and Liz definitely lets people in just enough without sharing too much.
THREE/ Loren Hope: One of my favorite “brand” accounts and the one that will inspire you to grab some bling and put a smile on your face. Her line has become one of my favorites in the past year and is proof that a great statement necklace can jazz up even the simplest tee + jeans.
FOUR/ Banks & Harry: Puppies are kind of the way to my heart and these two puppy brothers bring a smile to my face (usually a giggle/squeal if it’s a video) each day. It’s pretty hard to stage the behavior of two very energetic dogs, which means that Banks’ & Harry’s personalities are probably exactly as they appear in all their photos + videos. Plus, their mom has a prettttty good blog!
FIVE/ Summer Wind: Sydney’s preppy, clean style comes out so well in her instas and I kind of want to steal her closet. Also, she may love G&Ts just as much as I do… a girl after my own heart!
SIX/ Sarah KJP: Want to feel like you’re on an adventure or at the least, a really legit vacation? Sarah’s Instagram = basically her blog, which is immaculate, sophisticated, and one of my favorite sources of inspiration!
SEVEN/ Society Social: Roxy’s bar carts are on my long term wish list and she has the most adorable, upbeat captions I’ve probably ever seen on Instagram. She puts so much personality into her posts and makes you want to be her best friend. Just the kind of energy I’d want behind a new couch or bar cart! Not to mention, her small biz story is really inspiring.
EIGHT/ Gadabout: Hanna has great taste and the cutest little King Charles Cavalier Spaniels. Her account is the perfect dose of southern + country life, and I love the subdued color palette — it’s so refreshing.
NINE/ Domestikated Life: Nautical, great use of filters, and makes you want to throw an incredibly well-executed party at the spur of a moment. And that’s never a bad thing, especially in the middle of a long week…or on a Monday.
TEN/ Notes from Monroe: One of my newest follows and while overly colorful, ornately decorated shots are unfortunately in abundance and sometimes feel redundant on Instagram, this one has the perfect balance in my opinion. Lots of blue and white, too!


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