Friday Things


The weekend is here! I’ve felt particularly productive this week and am looking forward to keeping weekend plans light with a couple brunches and a movie (I’m so so excited to see The Hundred Foot Journey). There are some fun changes on the horizon around these parts and I promise the result will be good, so stay posted! Whatever your plans may be, I hope you have a great one!

Of note…

Banana Republic is changing things up … maybe in a good way. I’m strongly contemplating this sweater…it’s kind of perfect.

– The August issue of Matchbook Mag is out and per usual, it’s a good one. A nice Friday afternoon read, if I do say so myself!

– I’ve tried a few mug cake recipes and have felt pretty eh about all of them until this one, which I fully admit to eating last night (this is why I can’t go on a 100% healthy diet…moderation, people). If you have Nutella on hand, chances are you have the other three basic ingredients you need to make this really, really delicious/easy microwavable cake!

– I fully admit to loving girly novels… they’re the perfect quick read. The Everygirl did a feature on Emily Griffin, who has an incredibly inspiring story and a stunning studio. If you’re a fan of any of her books (like Something Borrowed) or an aspiring writer, you’ll love this interview.

Matouk is one of those brands whose products I plan to invest in when I have my own home. They make the most beautiful, luxurious sheets + bedding in the the prettiest materials. While they’re very much a splurge, Erin wrote about her trip to the Matouk Factory outside of Boston, which sounds fascinating. They’re planning to open the factory to visitors in the near future, which sounds like a really cool experience. And with the factory comes the factory store, which also sounds like a place I want to be. Road trip, anyone?

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