Friday Things


Happy Friday! I’m not sure how it’s already August, but I’m determined to make the best of every remaining summer weekend before ringing in my favorite season. Dinner at one of  my favorite restaurants, brunch, perhaps some grilling, and seeing the Lion King at the Kennedy Center (!!) are basically my plans this weekend and I’m very, very much okay with that. Have any fun plans? Go do summery things like have drinks outside, go to the pool, or make impromptu trips to the ice cream shop because September is right around the corner. Eek!

Of note…

– I was literally laughing out loud at Krista’s post on Instagram vs. Real Life. Things I appreciate: 1) that she’s very much okay making fun of herself and 2) that I feel a little less crazy knowing that other people put so much thought into what they post. While I can’t say that I’ve quite reached this level, I completely commend Krista — and so many other bloggers who go out of their way to get a perfect shot– for their actions because their feeds are way better than mine. I’ll completely admit that the shots I’ve put significantly more thought into get way more “likes”!

– For those of you who dabble in design/Photoshop, you’ll want to bookmark this basic tutorial on how to reduce a layer’s opacity.

Victoria posted about 30 things she’s learned in 30 years and it’s gold. It’s filled with the little bits of wisdom that often don’t come to mind unless someone mentions them to you or puts them into writing. Add that to the photos she posted of herself (with captions) from the past decade and this is a total put-a-smile-on-your-face, inspiring post. A must-read for all us 20-somethings!

– I love this dress. A lot. I mean, just look at the cut and color!

Sylvia’s brunch spread looks amazing and had me craving cake, breakfast food, and champs midday. Not that that hasn’t happen before, but her particular setup is so beautifully done that I want to hop into the screen and steal some of that layered cake!

– While the petite’s section in a store isn’t where I personally shop, I know a lot of girls under 5′ 4″ who struggle to find pieces that fit well without alternations. I’ve shopped with many friends who have expressed their frustrations, so I was excited to see that there may be a solution in the works! This Kickstarter explains it all (watch the video!)… it’s really cool and seems like it could be a potential solution to a petite shopper’s woes!

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