Things I Love Thursday


ONE// Topshop Skirt: I’ve posted about this skirt before, but it’s on sale now so I had to post it again. If you’re bffs with your bleach or are gifted with coordination and don’t spill on your whites, this guy could be in heavy rotation for the summer months. Imagine how good it would look with a button down and flats or a tank and wedges!
TWO// Bop Basics Clutch: Straw + navy + white = the perfect summer clutch combination. I definitely dropped the ball on getting a summer clutch this year and am hoping to snag one in a post-season sale (seriously, it’s the time to jump on all the essentials you missed out on for the previous season!).
THREE// Mango Racerback Top: The subtle detail on the back is the seller here, as is the pretty summer color. A quick, classic summer look with white jeans + Jacks that you could re-wear year after year.
FOUR// Zara Home Toast Coasters: These are whimsical and perfect…I personally have never seen toast-shaped coasters and am smitten. They’re a little unconventional but would be quite a conversation starter, not to mention are made of cork so are practical at the same time. Did I mention that they’re only $9 for the set? I may or may not have bought them…
FIVE// Sleepy Jones Boxers (hugely on sale!): Sleepy Jones is known for their high quality, luxury sleepwear + loungewear. The prices are usually too steep for me to justify at a time when my old t-shirts are still doing the trick, but I’ll admit to being incredibly tempted by these shorts on sale. With the available color combos, you’re sure to find one you love!
SIX// Fornash Cuff: I ordered this tortoise cuff with an amazing Instagram deal that Tuckernuck had going on a couple of days ago and can’t wait to add it to my bracelet collection. Tortoise is one of my favorite looks and transitions so well from season to season. I always aim to get pieces that are extremely versatile, so was happy to finally cross a tortoise cuff off my list.
SEVEN// Inslee ‘Buttercream Frosting’ Folded Card Set: Many of you know how much I love Inslee’s work (not to mention she’s a complete sweetheart as evidenced from the couple emails we’ve exchanged) …so 1) she has a newly designed website and 2) I’m realllly into these cards. Inslee may have just based the image off of what my friends and I look like when we’re moments away from stuffing our faces with lots of dessert, except that we’re probably in sweats and don’t have pretty arm parties dangling off our wrists. But this is what we aspire to be like, and that’s the kind of thing fantasy that Inslee captures so so well!
EIGHT// Rieker Wedges: One of my close friends bought a very similar pair of wedges by this brand, Rieker, when she was studying abroad in Germany three years ago. They’re very durable, extremely comfortable, and go with lots of outfits but aren’t totally plain. I’ve been obsessed with them ever since she bought them and wanted a pair for my own, but we both assumed that they wouldn’t be available in the states. Lo and behold, she found them at a little shoe store in Dupont Circle this week! And conveniently for all of you, they’re on Zappos as well. I’m going to hold off for now, but they may be my first spring purchase next year!


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