A Dose of Interior Inspiration

Bookshelf Curtains





Maybe it’s that recent graduates are entering the workforce and moving to new places, or that August means Congress is in recess and DC clears out so people seem to be more relaxed and want to take on projects, but this time of year seems like the prime time for rearranging, moving, and/or redecorating. I’m a firm believer that your space will continue to evolve over time and that the decorative process should not be rushed — which is great, because it means that you get to add to your space whenever something catches you eye. Our apartment has taken great strides since we moved in in April, but I’m always thinking of new ways to change things up or build on what we’ve got. Each of the spaces I’ve included here have something or another that I want to incorporate into my space, yet each one is so different. I know my style is still evolving, but I’ve realized two things in the past year: I can’t live in stark white, minimalist spaces and I love traditional elements such as brass, wood, or classic color combinations like blue + white and brown + gold. It’s no surprise that a sizable portion of my decor inspiration comes from Pinterest (check out my decor board here), but there’s such an abyss that I actually get really excited when I find a “dream space” amid everything!

Do you have any key decorative elements that you gravitate towards or stay away from? It’s fun to hear everyone’s personalized and what each person would do to make their space different, so share away!

Images via (top to bottom): Domaine Home, Short & Loud, How to Decorate by Ballard Designs, Ronald F. De Mauro Architects on Houzz.com, Domaine Home, Pink Peonies by Rach Parcell, Cullman & Kravis


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