Lilly Pulitzer Fall 2014 Picks


I think this is the first time that I’ve dedicated an entire post to a brand’s new collection (but I kind of love it, so consider yourselves warned) … how good are these new arrivals from Lilly Pulitzer? As many of you probably know, the brand is known for its colorful prints — Lilly got her start after working a juice stand and spilling brightly colored juices all over her apron. That explains why some of the older prints are extra vibrant and a little more abstract! In any case, I’ve always been equally impressed by their solids — they actually make up most of the Lilly that I own — and sidenote, the Cassie dresses are a dream. I decided to focus on mostly solids for the fall collection and love how a) work appropriate so many of the pieces are and b) how things seem to be a little more budge-friendly than usual. Lilly can be quite the investment (albeit worth it since the quality is so good and the pieces are so timeless) but it’s nice to know you can snag what might be the perfect tank top for under $40. Bonus points for the abundance of navy + gold, but no surprise there. And for those of you who want something more vibrant, more pieces come in multiple colors. View the whole collection here.

Any particular favs from the new arrivals? For those of you who are going to miss summer, I’ll be these are making it a little more bearable!

ONE: Palametto V-Neck T-Shirt Dress (also available in two patterns) / TWO: Monica Embellished V-Neck THREE: Layton Short Sleeve Shift Dress FOUR: Gigi V-Neck Tank Top (also available in solidsFIVE: Skipper Popover Solid SIX: Dusk Racer Back Tank Top


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