Weekend Recap

Summer Nights

— A fun night on the porch with beer, wine, and friends —

This weekend was both fun and tiring but I’m so glad I sucked it up and packed in lots of activities. There was brunch (twice!), pool time, downtime with some OITNB, outdoor happy hour + dinner, a friend’s housewarming, takeout, impromptu cake, and some much needed catching up with friends. In general, it was the perfect summer weekend (the weather even cooperated!) and I’m starting the week motivated and content.

Here are some random iPhone shots of the weekend that in my mind epitomize summer days + quality time with friends.

Homemade Brunch

— Simple, healthy and delicious brunch hosted by a sweet friend. Scrambled eggs with mushrooms, peppers, cheese, and onions + blueberry muffins + strawberries and apples + English muffins + turkey bacon —


— The dreamiest backyard with lots of space, complete with cornhole, fairy lights, and a good-sized table…–

Homemade Pop Tart, Ted's Bulletin

— Heavenly homemade pop tarts at Ted’s Bulletin – the perfect first course to greasy and delicious breakfast sandwich. I’ve mentioned the pop tarts at Ted’s before, but I’m happy to say that we actually had breakfast this time around. A 30 minute morning walk and arriving at 9:45 was worth it– we barely had a 15 minute wait! Personal favs: the hash browns and the pop tarts —

Chinese Food

— Sunday night Chinese food…including General Tso’s and crab rangoons, of course —

Photos by Monica Dutia + friends

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