Quick + Easy Healthy Foods


It’s really fitting that I’m writing this post right now, because it’s currently post-barre class and I’m actually going the relatively nutritious route by eating a banana and rice cake (with Nutella, but rice cake, so all is forgiven). If you’re anything like me in that you actually like healthy, nutritious food but generally crave unhealthy, sugary, junky stuff, you may be able to use this little snack list that I put together. As we talked about awhile back, I’ve gotten a bit more mature with my eating habits over time but still give myself a huge pat on the back when I do something like I did a few minutes ago: pick the rice cake + banana over the Cinnabon Toaster Strudel in my freezer (have you ever had them?! No judgement unless you have and still think they’re gross!). These snacks are easy enough to have on hand for times when you’re in the mood to be healthy, for post-workout sustenance, and to get you through the afternoon slump. They’re not backed by any doctor/I don’t know the nutritious details behind all of them, but I do know that they’re better than the cookies or Toaster Strudel that I’d normally reach for — and they taste great!

Any other fav snacks you love that should have made this list? I’m really partial to smoothies but wanted to go the more basic route this time… I’d love to hear your go-tos!

Graphic by Monica Dutia for Cake & Lilies


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