I’m Loving: Fifth & Mae


Have you guys heard of Fifth & Mae? It’s new to me and I’m glad I found it… it has some of the cutest, daintiest pieces at really budget-friendly prices — trust me on that. The four I’ve shared here are my current favorites: neutrals that would go with anything. Plus, a state necklace (some here and some here) is one of those safe go-to gifts for a friend! For those who prefer the chunkier/statement stuff, I love this necklace and this basic cuff would be great with a simple black dress. Everything that’s currently on the site is under $15 but from what I can tell (and from the trusty googling I’ve done), the brand has a solid fan base, which is always a good sign!

Quartz Drop Necklace Button Rings / New State Necklaces / Square Stones


2 thoughts on “I’m Loving: Fifth & Mae

  1. I’ve never heard of this brand, but their stuff does look great. I love finding such great deals on simple pieces you can wear over and over again

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