Friday Things


Happy weekend! Any fun plans? I’m thinking low key with not much on the agenda. Taking it easy — my birthday week is next week! I got to catch up with Yang on Wednesday, which was a nice treat, and made good progress on some exciting blog things that will be happening around these parts soon. Whatever you’re up to, have a great one!

Of note…

– I assumed “homemade sprinkles” would be oddly challenging/annoying to make, but they appear to be pretty simple! They look a little unconventional but I’m tempted to give them a go.

15 Things You Should Never Have Have in Your Home After 30… I 100% agree with the unmade bed part of this (you really don’t need to wait till you’re 30…or 25…or 15…to do this!) and most of the others, but I fully admit to still having some plastic dishware and an assortment of shot glasses on our “bar.”

– I was actually really sad to learn that Crumbs unexpectedly and suddenly shut its doors on Monday. There wasn’t even time for one last giant cupcake that I somehow manage to spread over two days : (

– Pizza for the whole plane!? This story is quite refreshing and a nice change from the typical stories where the airline doesn’t seem to give a crap that passengers are stranded on the runway.

– As someone who doesn’t drink much soda, I’m all about infused water combinations. This guide has some fun ideas that sound pretty appealing and apparently help the body detox!

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