Things I Love Thursday


A kind of random collection of stuff this week… maybe I’m on a handbag kick?

ONE/ Daniel Wellington Classic Bristol Watch: How timeless is this beauty? I’m drawn to its simplicity and would love to add a leather-banded watch to my collection. The ribbon ones are so cool, too!
TWO/ J.Crew Travel Bags: 
I’m really OCD when it comes to packing for trips and don’t like undergarments freely floating around my luggage — I instead stick them in an old little cloth bag that my mom gave me years ago. Same thing with shoes: hate when they aren’t properly packed away … who wants the bottoms (or dirty tops, for that matter) of your shoes touching your clothes?! This trio is a great fix.
THREE/ C. Wonder Beach Tote: 
Two words: stripes + tassels.
I’ve been a longtime fan of MANGO and was sad when they closed their store in Dallas. They have so many pretty, affordable pieces like this dress, which also comes in white.
FIVE/ Kate Spade Necklace: 
A gold and nautical statement piece that would go with so many summery pieces. I have some colorful statement pieces but seeing one like this reaffirms that I’m focusing on solid, neutral statements from here on out.
SIX/ Design Darling Matches: 
I collect matchbooks from places I’ve been but love the idea of having a few chic ones on hand. They also make the best hostess gifts (and would go perfectly with that budget-friendly bottle of wine you’re probably picking up from Trader Joe’s…) and don’t take up much space storage-wise, so it’s nice to keep a couple on hand. This one is conveniently under $10!
SEVEN/ Topshop Bag: 
I don’t need a new bag, but this one looks way more schmancy than it’s $76 price tag. It also looks like it holds a decent amount + has a long shoulder strap, which is always a plus.
EIGHT/ C. Wonder Linen Placemat Set: 
Perfect for summer soirees — indoor and outdoor. Love the simple white border!


4 thoughts on “Things I Love Thursday

  1. I’m OCD about packing too, something I’m doing at this very moment. Love the J.Crew travel bags, I’ll need to pick up some of my own. So great seeing you last night. I’m feeling the cheese fries this morning, but very worth it.

  2. So funny you included a DW watch. I bought one in London last summer when they were super popular there. Though when I was back stateside no one wore them and actually someone told me they didn’t like the wide face of it haha… and now they’re all the rage here! They’re economical and very beautiful! Love the navy dress too, of course 🙂 x

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