Bookshelves - Elle Decor

Bookcases - Elle Decor


One of the requirements in my future home will be ample space for book storage. In addition to the leisurely reading part, books, especially coffee table books, are great conversation starters. They double as decorative pieces and it’s quite fun to rearrange and color code a collection. As I’ve said before, I love collecting decorative books on cool subjects and like the fact that you (and your guests) can casually peruse whatever catches your eye at the moment. I’m not actually sure what kind of bookshelf/storage I would ideally want, but all of these options are looking pretty appealing. The navy ridged backdrop in the last photo is probably my current favorite… it has a classic feel but is easily customizable color-wise. It also doesn’t detract from whatever books and accents are on the shelves.

For now, I’ll settle for my half-sized Ikea Expedit and stay jealous of all of you who have nice clean built-in shelving units! Between that and a nightstand, there are actually plenty of decent surfaces to store books in my little apartment. I probably have a lot of time before these dream bookshelves become a reality!

Images (top to bottom) via: Domino, Adore Your Place, Better Homes and Gardens, Elle Decor, Elle Decor, and Better Homes and Gardens    


2 thoughts on “Bookshelves

  1. Bookshelves are definitely my favorite interior design element! You’re right, especially with coffee table books, it’s great to be able to just pick one up and peruse it at your leisure, and great conversation starter for guests. I love my Expedit but my dream is to have space for a regular bookshelf, especially one with open sides…or a whole library would really be ideal!

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