Favorite Button Downs


I’ve always loved the look of button downs on guys, but it wasn’t until a couple of years ago that I willingly purchased one for myself. It’s hard to imagine, because now I’m looking to add more button downs to my closet and am starting to develop strong preferences towards fit, fabric, and specifically the shirt’s buttons. A button down is so versatile… you can wear it with jeans, a skirt, shorts, et al. and easily dress it up (a suit) or dress it down (with shorts). As someone with broader shoulders, sizing can also be pretty tricky, which is why I have my favorites. Out of the tops above, I have the C. Wonder (as seen here), Banana Republic, and Brooks Brothers ones. The J.Crew one ($36) ( is on my wish list partly because the buttons are the same white as the fabric, which is a huge plus in my mind. Each shirt has its pros and cons (note: they’re almost all on sale!):

Banana Republic Fitted Non-Iron Sateen Shirt ($69.50): Good fit and relatively longer length, but I prefer 100% cotton rather than a blend and don’t love the slight sateen sheen. The length also makes it a bit too bunchy when tucking it into fitted skirts. However, there are tons of colors and some non-sateen styles available (note the yellow buttons, I have this  but really don’t like the buttons), plus the shirts don’t wrinkle much.
Brooks Brothers Red Fleece Solid Shirt ($37.50): The most amazing fabric and fit but slightly on the shorter side… would look great untucked with jeans but you have to keep an eye on the hem when tucking it into regular shorts. Wish the buttons were the same color as the shirt but they aren’t bad. Also that there were more colors to choose from!
C. Wonder Shrunken Boy Fit Pullover Shirt ($20, but limited sizes): This one’s a pullover so only has buttons part way, but it’s good for a more casual look. Really soft fabric, but definitely a looser, larger fit.

Anyone have any favorites in this department? I would love any recs and am looking to expand my button down collection! They really do make you feel put together in an effortless way.

J.Crew Shirt Brooks Brothers Shirt Banana Republic Shirt C. Wonder Shirt


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