Friday Things


Happy Fourth of July!! How it’s already July is incomprehensible to me, but it’s my birthday month so I’ll take it! Some BBQ-ing and utilizing our great roof is on the agenda today and after coming down with an unfortunate cold this week, I’m planning to take it easy for the next couple of days. Enjoy your holiday + stay dry if you’re in the path of the storm! See you all Monday!

Of note…not many links this week since I’ve been under the weather and not on the computer much!

– If you’ve been living under a rock this week, you might not have heard that Tim Howard, the US Men’s National Soccer Team goalkeeper, absolutely killed it on the field during Tuesday’s match against Belgium. While the US was knocked out of the World Cup tournament after losing the game, Howard had a record breaking 16 saves and was the clear star of the show. So much so that the Secretary of Defense¬†Wikipedia page was briefly updated

This video is a couple of years old but is a new to me– how adorable is the little guy? He’s trying so hard!

iPhone photo by Monica Dutia


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