Weekend in the City


The Monday after traveling always comes up too soon! Having spent the past three days in NYC, I’m back in DC feeling inspired and happy to have seen old and new friends + family. It was the perfect time with perfect weather to wander around with my camera and learn some more about photography– trial and error style. I’ll be sharing snippets of my trip here over the next couple of weeks and there are a few snaps on Instagram as well. Anyone else find themselves going on an unofficial food tour whenever they visit a new city (or just go out of town in general)? In addition to some more touristy, popular spots like Laudree and Dominique Ansel’s bakery, I found a few gems that I can’t wait to share for those of us who don’t live in NYC and only visit the city as tourists!


I walked south through the end of Central Park starting on the UES around 73rd Street. This was my first trip through the park and it completely blew me away — it was also a good place to practice my photography because it was so bright out and parts of the park are much more shaded than others (as evidenced by these photos). So much greenery to brighten up this concrete jungle! And lots of people watching…

park5park6 park7 park8

Photos by Monica Dutia


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