Friday Things


Happy Friday from NYC! I’m in the city for a couple of days and am having the best time seeing friends and soaking up all the culture, quirkiness, funny smells, and bustle that NYC has to offer. While the city is great, I just don’t have the desire to live here (another discussion for another day, the nation’s capital is home for now). But visiting for a few days is the perfect dose, and this trip was long overdue. I’ll have have lots of pictures and updates to share but in the meantime, you can follow along on Instagram for some highlights. Hope you have a great weekend — tell me you’re equally shocked that July is already here?!

– As a huge fan of Olivia’s wardrobe on Scandal (I think most people are), I’m intrigued and excited to see what the upcoming collection with The Limited will look like!

This top is amazing.

Kate’s recipes get me every time. Everything Bagel Mac & Cheese. Are you kidding me?! This is phenomenal.

– I get really obsessive about thoroughly applying sunscreen but there are spots that are easy to miss…Birchbox has us covered.

– Posts like this make me miss Texas… no matter where I live, I will always swear that the Lone Star State has better food than anywhere else in this country. Side note: If you haven’t tried Frito Pie, you’re missing out!

– I’d love to make this beautiful orange blueberry cake — how perfect does that cream look?

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