Bakery Tour of DC: Ted’s Bulletin (Bakery)



Donut2 Donut1

Ever since I had my first pop tart from Ted’s Bulletin a few months ago, I was smitten. The fact that neither of the two locations is particularly close to me makes each visit an even bigger treat. I’m hoping to make it there for an actual sit down brunch (they’re known for very long wait times and I think only take a limited number of reservations), but would honestly be perfectly content just venturing back to the bakery pick up counter to pick up a pop tart, massive slice of chocolate pie, or any of their other baked breakfast goods. If you find yourself in the U Street or Capitol Hill neighborhoods, you’ve gotta hit up Ted’s – it’s very much a DC classic!

Ted’s Bulletin
When: Sunday early afternoon snack
Location: 1818 14th Street NW, about 25 minutes from Dupont Circle and near the U Street metro (additional location near Capitol Hill)
Ordered: Cinnamon Brown Sugar Pop Tart
Thoughts: Like I said, I’ve never actually had a meal here but the pop tarts are phenomenal. I’m shameless about my love for classic grocery store-bought Pop Tarts, but will admit that the homemade, fresh version is even better. It’s basically a moderately-sugary pastry crust filled with a sweet filling of your choice (they have so many, including Peanut Butter and Bacon, Blueberry, Strawberry, Brown Sugar, et al.) covered in large, colorful sprinkles. In short – it’s sweet, satisfying, and the perfect snack.

Photos by Monica Dutia for Cake & Lilies


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