Beachy Attire


While I have zero beach plans as of now, I’ve clearly got the ocean on my mind… I compiled this over the course of a few days as one of the outfits I’d ideally like to have on hand if I hit the sand this summer. In reality, I only own the shorts and the flip flops, but any tunic, swimsuit, and dainty gold jewelry could make a good substitute. Dreaming up perfect combinations is part of the fun of blogging, even if you can’t have everything…

If you’re in the market to spend a little more than average amount on flip flops, I couldn’t recommend these Eliza B ones more. You can customize them completely, from the strap pattern, background webbing, toe part, et al. I have them with black soles, the dark green + black lab strap. I’ve worn them as my primary flip flop for nearly two years and they’ve held up way better than I imagined. My friend who told me about them had a pair for around 5 years before she needed to buy another! One thing to note is that you should size up! I’m normally an 8 or 8.5 and the 10 in these fit perfectly. I figured out my size by trying on another style of Eliza B sandals at a store, but I’m sure the company would be happy to provide some expert advice (I’m willing to give it a shot as well!).

Got any plans for the beach? Based on Instagram, it seems like everyone’s already been! I’m not jealous or anything.

Sail to Sable Tunic / Eliza B Flip Flops J.Crew Shorts J.Crew Bikini (top and bottomsBauble Bar Ring Set

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