Friday Things


Happy Weekend! If I could transport to the photo above that would be ideal … a puppy and a boat?! Yes, please! No complains though, as I’ll be spending some quality time with friends this weekend starting with Colgate Day tonight (Friday the 13th is lucky for us, if you didn’t know that already) and hosting a Spark Party/trunk show tomorrow morning! I can’t wait to share my love for Sweet & Spark over some drinks + bites. Whatever your plans are, I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Of note…

– Sorry not sorry for the cute overload: one.

– Cute overload two.

– I love Jessica’s tips on how to stay active outdoors, especially when you live in a city. They’re a nice little reminder to change things up and take advantage of what the area has to offer besides running! Except that I’m terrified of biking in DC…anyone else? Good thing the Georgetown Waterfront is accessible!

– As someone who douses everything in tomato/marinara sauce, I really need to start changing things up with my pasta. This article helps you match up the appropriate type of sauce with the kind of pasta you have and may trigger some new recipe ideas.

– I’m incredibly excited for the World Cup but this time around, am perfectly content watching from a comfy couch with a beer or in a lively bar here in DC. This is cray! Although if I could be in Europe with Brittany who is currently there on an insanely amazing backpacking trip, I would gladly do that.

– Considering how much I love wine and most kinds of food, you think I’d be able to select the best wine for the meal. Nope. Keeping this guide on hand thanks to Supal.

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4 thoughts on “Friday Things

  1. I was totally afraid of biking in DC! I always wanted to try it, but after spending every day driving and almost killing people on bikes, I kept my biking to Alexandria. 🙂 Thanks for the cuteness! Love!

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