I’m Loving: Holiday Boutique


One of my favorite parts about blogging is being introduced to many new small businesses that do cool things, which include retail boutiques that are so inviting (both digitally and in-person) and inspiring. I did a post awhile back featuring some of my favorite small businesses who have great decorative pieces, and today I’m sharing Holiday, a shop in the Beacon Hill neighborhood of Boston. I actually first came across the store after following the owner, Jessika’s, Instagram awhile back. Her page is filled with a constant stream of gorgeous exteriors, her sweet dog, flowers, and just generally inspiring content. If that’s not enough convincing that this girl has good taste, check out her NYC apartment tour that was featured in Lonny Mag early last year. It’s charming and whimsical without being over the top, which can be very difficult to achieve.

 Holiday has a perfectly curated collection of clothing and accessories and the stock appears to be constantly changing. I know I’ll be making a trip there next time I’m in Boston, but the online shop will suffice for now. The prices are modest and it’s a gold mine for gift giving, so I recommend checking it out!

Clutch Tassel Necklace Gold Link Necklace Scarf Pajama Set


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