Jack Rogers Sale!

Jack Rogers Sale at Nordstrom

This was too good not to share…multiple styles of Jack Rogers are on sale at Nordstrom right now! They’re the perfect summer staple and last for years, but naturally buying them at full price warrants some hesitation, especially for first timers. Trust me when I say they go with everything and will be your go-to shoe April/May-September. Breaking them in requires a little patience (I currently have some blisters to prove it) but it will pay off! I’ve been told that getting them wet or wearing them in the rain helps soften the leather more quickly, and it will only a matter of time before they mold perfectly to your feet.

I’ve never tried the flats and there are mixed reviews, but they’re so cute (especially these!) and Nordstrom offers free shipping + free returns, so I’m inclined to say try them! There are bunch of styles and color combinations on sale (view all of them here) but the above ones are my favorite.

PS If you are a size 5 or 6, these are the perfect pool/beach pair, now under $35!




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