Father’s Day Gifts


Father’s Day is around the corner (June 15) and I can’t be the only one who gets very neurotic about finding the perfect gift for my dad. Luckily mine isn’t very picky, but it seems like father’s can be among the most difficult to shop for. Personally, I think the key is, similar to most gifting situations, to buy something that they wouldn’t normally buy themselves (or any kind of “little luxury”) or to buy a staple they need but have been putting off purchasing. Whether you’re looking to spend a generous sum (or maybe going splitzies with siblings/your mother) or prefer the wallet-friendly-make-dad-proud-you-can-manage-your-$-approach, here are a few gift ideas for the sweet man in your life who’s been there the whole time and put up with your shopping habit and girly rants crap.

ONE/ CLEAN SHAVEN:  The Art of Shaving Sandalwood Shaving Cream, $25

TWO/ FOR THE BASEBALL FAN: Ballpark Blueprints, $185

THREE/ PRACTICAL IS BEST: Leather Man Ltd. Belt, $52


FIVE/ GLOBE TROTTING-FRIENDLY: Barrington Glasgow Passport Case, $50

SIX/ SIMPLE + THOUGHTFUL: A good book (I gave my dad The President’s Club a couple years ago)

SEVEN/ CLOSET STAPLEBrooks Brothers Tie, $48 (on sale!)… also love this steal for $15 via Nordstrom

EIGHT/ PRIORITIZING COMFORT: Tempur-Pedic Classic Men’s Slippers, $40 (on sale!)

NINE/ SUMMER SPIRIT: Sperry Top-Sider Original Boat Shoe, $64 (on sale!)

TEN/ FOR THE TRAVELER: Flight 001 Spacepak Shoe Bag, $30

ELEVEN/ WINE WINE WINE: Grab a family-favorite bottle that your dad is bound to share!


3 thoughts on “Father’s Day Gifts

  1. It’s funny, because we never really give my dad gifts for father’s day. He is the type who never buys things for himself (or for my mom, actually)–he just doesn’t get the whole gifts thing–but I think he would love those Tempur-Pedic slippers! I’ll have to mull these over..

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