Friday Things

Central Park

A very busy week is about to turn into a very busy, yet verrry fun weekend. Two nights of birthday celebrations for one of my closest friends and then my roommate and I are planning to drive to Philly early Saturday morning to shop the Lilly Pulitzer annual Warehouse Sale. Yes, we know it’s crazy, but we saw no reason why we shouldn’t go (except that the lines may be too long and I need to be back to DC by a certain time. But if things are moving too slowly, we have a backup plan! The nearby outlet mall. #shameless). I figure this isn’t something I’ll do again, so why not? Plus, a nice little road trip can be really fun. What’re your plans this weekend? It seems like so many people are away on vacation, I can’t help but be a little jealous! Too bad there’s no ocean in Philly. Have a great one, friends!

Of note…

– Kate Middleton’s brother is behind Instagrams on marshmallows… they’re as funny looking as they sound (and expensive, for marshmallows!)

– As technology seems to seep into every corner of our lives, it seems a little strange that electronic tablets are now being used to swear public officials into office.

– Because Hallie never ceases to get a laugh out of me…if you need the ultimate afternoon pick-me-up, here ya go. You’re welcome.

– Confession. I am obsessed with Nutella. Blame the Italian host family I stayed with in 2005. So naturally I feel obligated to inspect whether imported vs. domestic Nutella does in fact taste differently. It might be time to hit up an Italian grocer. Anyone have any opinions on this? I’m curious!

– A friend of mine (we grew up together!) just released a book — yes, you read that right, we’re in our early 20s — on amping up dining hall basics and making delicious meals out of the most basic foods. It’s pretty freakin’ impressive, even if you’re collegiate dining hall days are long gone. Congrats, Priya!

– Kate always has the best recipes, and these donut s’mores pops are no exception!

– Are people are less threatened by female-named hurricanes than male-named hurricanes? Deaths are reported to have been higher in some female-named severe storms. And that the “more feminine” sounding names could also have a higher mortality rates. Not cool…

Image via Atlantic Pacific


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