Friday Things

Margaux Roy

Happy weekend! What a weird week… 90+ degrees plus sweatshirt weather, all in one. It’s spring, clearly! Last weekend was super relaxing and this weekend, I’m looking forward to a few fun things but being productive at the same time. Brunch, a girls night, and some sushi are on the agenda, so it’s hard to complain. Any fun plans? It’s insane how May is already over…summer is shockingly just around the corner. And what better way to enter June than with a giant pineapple?

Of note…

– I’m both a dog and a cat person, and I can’t get enough of this video of a jealous cat who bullies his friend by knocking over her princess cup. Bullying is obviously not okay, but this is incredibly harmless and adorable…

Meg rounded up 39 products that beauty bloggers recommend for the summer. I tend to keep things simple, but there are some serious gaps in my regimen that need fixing!

– This little striped tray, perfect for jewelry, keys, assorted desk things, etc., now under $10!

– Dying to make (not bake– no oven needed!!!) Nikki’s Strawberry Sage Mascarpone Tart. It might be the perfect summer party dish.

– It’s long overdue, but I finally “liked” Humans of New York on Facebook and am so glad I did. It’s inspiring and triggers your emotions on the reg in the best of ways.

Photograph by Margaux Roy


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