Friday Things


What a week! I’m so happy it’s Friday. The past few days were a busy haze and I feel like a long weekend with an entire day (or two) with no plans is exactly what the doctor ordered. You know those times when you feel like you’re forgetting an alarming number of things? That’s how I am right now, and it’s not a great feeling. A couple of fun plans with friends (Surfside is on the agenda!) and a couple days to hit reset are happening and I couldn’t be happier. Any long weekend plans? Lucky you if you’re taking a trip to kick off the unofficial start to summer. Have a great one, whatever your plans may be!

– I’m dying to try some of these chia seed recipes… completely intrigued by the avocado chocolate chia pudding.

– Love, love, loved The B Bar’s Twitter chat last night.

– As if Dominique Ansel’s bakery wasn’t tempting enough, a cool look behind the scenes makes his operation even more admirable.

– Supal killin’ it this week with my favorite blue + white and five essentials to keep your hair healthy during the summer (a must-read!)

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2 thoughts on “Friday Things

  1. Okay, yay for the chia seed recipes! Believe it or not, I just recently learned that chia seeds existed, and I happen to have a bag of them I’d love to try out in more than just smoothies! Happy Friday!

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