Everlane Tees


Since I love filling my wardrobe with simple, versatile pieces, I have a lot of neutral solid t-shirts. Finding good ones at reasonable prices is tough…I have a few from Gap and this one from J.Crew, but the J.Crew one is so thin that it pills/stretches out really easily, and the Gap ones are a bit short for when you want to tuck in your tee. They also cut into my armpit kind of funny, and I’m weirdly particular about that.

I first heard about Everlane several months ago and ordered up one of their basic u-neck tees. The slight high-lo hem was unexpected, but the material was really high quality and the shirt hasn’t faded despite several washes and a lot of wear. I just got a white v-neck in the mail and have yet to wash it, but the fabric is sort of in between Gap’s and J.Crews (so not entirely thick but not tissue either) and not see-through. The sleeves are longer and the shirt has a slouchy fit, as evidenced by the photos on their website. I like my tees on the looser size, so I sized up with a medium in the v-neck. I have a small in the u-neck, but would order a medium the next time around to get some more length.

Well-made, budget-friendly (the tees are $15!) and completely transparent with their business practice … it’s really cool. I’ve been spreading the word to some of my friends, but seriously, trust me when I say these shirts are a good investment. The fabric is great and they’ll quickly become your go-tos! Next on my list: their [incredibly priced] silks.

Images via Everlane.com


One thought on “Everlane Tees

  1. I heard about Everlane a while ago and keep going to their site and almost getting something, but I can’t decide! But it’s hard to go wrong for $15!

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