Friday Things


Happy Weekend, friends! It’s finally starting to feel incredibly humid like summer here in DC and I’m looking forward to a weekend with only a few plans rather than the craziness that ensued over the past few weeks. Things should be on the quiet side, which will be a nice change of pace. Any fun plans this weekend? Can you believe how fast May is flying by?!

Of note…

– Freshman year of college, I developed an obsession with the scones in our dining hall. This isn’t an exaggeration…I probably ate at least 4-5 of them a day (they were smaller than average, in my defense). Emily posted this recipe and I can’t get it out of my head…

– Today is apparently the day of me sharing embarrassing tidbits from my past, but I’ll just go with it. Back when I first started taking piano lessons, around the age of 10, my piano teacher would have us break down the words “chocolate pie” into “choc-oh-late pie” and play a stream of four notes to the rhythm when we struggled with various bits of music. While this totally worked musically, it also made me crave chocolate pie at least once a week. Usually more, because I wasn’t very good at playing the piano and had to “choc-oh-late pie” multiple times a lesson. Modern day connection: here’s a chocolate pie recipe, as seen on Cup of Jo, that looks too good to pass up (my usual go-to is my simple one, last seen here).

– I’ve always been a sucker for adorable little ducklings (and kind of full-grown ducks, too), so this little Georgetown incident made my day.

Grace posted about Kate Spade’s new special collection, on purposewhich consists of  beautiful pieces handmade by women in Masoro, Rwanda. The company is teaching a group of 150 local women to become profitable suppliers of the Kate Spade brand(s), which would lead to economic stability benefitting the surrounding community. As soon as the women are trained in Masoro, Kate Spade will do the same in another communities around the world. It’s really inspiring and nice to see such a wonderful company doing so much good!

Image via (can’t locate the original, let me know if someone has it!)


5 thoughts on “Friday Things

  1. This post pic makes me so happy! And oh piano lessons.. do you still play? Off to check out the KS collection–I saw their Instagram about it but haven’t looked at it at all!

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