Friday Things


Happy Friday! The first real week in a new apartment is always a bit funny, but we’re settling in and just have one more trip to Ikea to tie up some loose ends, including finally getting me some shelving to get all this crap off my floor. Needless to say, I can’t wait to have my room properly set up and actually functional! I have a busy weekend planned with some work and the furniture shopping, but am hoping to sneak in some downtime with margs in celebration of Cinco de Mayo on Monday. What are your plans? It’s supposed to be beautiful here in DC…prime vitamin D, finally!

Of note…

– I was looking for a new exfoliator pre-summer, so ordered this… there have been so many rave reviews, I had to get in on the [messy] fun!

– Love me a good Buzzfeed quiz, although I scored embarrassingly high on this one. Excuse #1: I grew up in the South. #2: A lot of these aren’t even fast food! #3: I just really, really like fast food. #sorrynotsorry

– Consider me on a huge wedge kick right now….how perfect are these? Kate Spade never disappoints!

– The weather is changing and with it our skin… Supal shared 5 essentials for transitioning climates and there are some good reminders on there. Hydration + moisturizer are my biggest saviors but I’m looking to be better about sunscreen this year. What are your goals? Anything else to add?

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9 thoughts on “Friday Things

  1. I am very intrigued by this Frank stuff. Need to read more about it, but looks very cool! I did a little too well on the fast food quiz, too. I actually stopped after a while because I didn’t want to be depressed about it! But most of that happened in childhood and college, before I realized it actually matters what you eat! Hope temperatures are better in DC!

    • I’ll let you know how it goes! Expectations are high. And good for you about the fast food, I can’t say that I’ve entirely stopped…it’s generally not a good thing when you score highly on a Buzzfeed quiz!

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