Wedges Under $100


I was chatting with one of my friends the other day and she mentioned being on the hunt for a pair of wedges. Since I love scouring the internet for particular requests (in case that isn’t terribly obvious), I volunteered to help find her some options. Her criteria was simple: $50-$100 and any heel height. Talk about an easygoing girl!

With wedges, I tend to gravitate to very simple, lower-heeled styles. I’m not terribly tall (5′ 6″) but tall enough to where I don’t feel the need to attempt to trot around in 4 inch heels. Because I will undoubtably fall/twist my ankle on the metro escalator. Here are some of my favorites…wedges are on my list right now, too (unfortunately these didn’t end up working out…the ankle strap/heel area was really loose!) Unsurprisingly, most of these are from Nordstrom and most pairs come in multiple colors, so make sure and click on the ones you like to see what the options are. Hopefully this will help you find a pair you love!






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