Friday Things

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Phew. What.a.week. I always think moving is going to be easy, but it never is. Even if you’re just moving upstairs. Between dealing with things like internet problems, blinds that don’t open or close (seriously, it’s possible), lingering paint/stain smells, and no couch, my roomie and I can’t wait to feel more settled and adjusted. I finally had dinner with Yang, which could not have come at a better time. She also inspired me to do more recipe posts, and I made her promise to teach me how to deep fry things and take pretty food photos. The weekend’s plans include helping some of my roommates move out, going to the French Market, sushi, and hopefully finishing The Goldfinch. What are your plans? Whatever they may be, have a great weekend!

Of note…

– I strongly dislike tomatoes, but love this cherry tomato chopping trick that Joanna posted! Talk about a timesaver.

– Champagne is great in every form, but I’m dying to try some of these fun recipes.

– Tea > coffee for me, so I’m a huge green tea person. Which is extra great because of its healthy properties and beauty benefits. As soon as I have ice trays in this apartment, I’ll be trying out Yang’s green tea ice cubes for my face!

– Speaking of beauty tips, The Everygirl posted a list of ingredients that you should avoid getting near your face. It’s kind of alarming how many of these you likely already use, so this is a nice reminder to try and make substitutions when you can.

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