Friday Things

Happy happy Friday! I finally don’t feel ridiculous talking about spring, especially since this week is peak cherry blossom season here in DC. I’m planning to go check them out tomorrow, so follow along on Instagram if you live far away and want to live vicariously! Other than that, a nice dinner with Danielle + her mom, some much needed relaxation after last weekend, and some apartment-related things are on the agenda. Whatever you’re up to, I hope it’s a great one!

Of note…

– Growing up in a household where very little meat was cooked and served, grilled cheese + tomato soup became one of my favorite meals. Some things never change, and I’m beyond excited that a Grilled Cheese Bar has come to DC! I’m giddy just talking about it…details here!

– With lots of people traveling during the spring and summer and airlines charging absurd amounts of $$$ for even the shortest flights, this article on how to get the best deal is pretty informative.

– My obsession with the British royal family is no secret, and this photo doesn’t require any context… Jackie + Kate? I die.

– Probably the cutest thing on the internet this week: a little French bulldog who is just not tired and doesn’t want to go to sleep. $10 bucks if you can get through it without squealing.

– I am a huge proponent of handwritten notes and “thank yous,” so this brought a smile to my face.

– Tipping. Everyone has their own thoughts on the matter (perhaps that’s a discussion for another day), but what makes it challenging is that there is just no “right” answer and there is probably so much you don’t know. That’s why I liked this article…it’s relevant for everyone and covers all scenarios.

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