I’m Loving: Lilly Pulitzer


If you ask me to name a company I admire, 99% of the time my answer is going to be either Nordstrom or Lilly Pulitzer. Not only does Lilly have a fantastic backstory (I want this book!), but the overall aesthetic, culture, and message of the name epitomizes grace + class. Fun, bright, preppy colors? Sign me up, please!

One of the things I love most about Lilly is the way they’ve cultivated their brand. Their customers are the most loyal fans I’ve ever seen and keep coming back year after year…myself included. I mean, have you heard about how shoppers crash their website during their semi-annual sales?

It was only a couple of years ago that I got my first Lilly dress, but it started a love affair that I know will last forever. I can’t help but scour the website on the reg, and these are some of my current favorite dresses. Some solids, lots of prints, and a whole lotta consistency. Perfect in my book! And between the other apparel and vast array of accessories, trust me when I say there’s something for everyone (ok well not everyone, but you get my drift).


Top: Janice Shift DressLexington Dress McCallum Fitted Tie Back Dress
Bottom: Meredith Scoop Neck Dress / Adeline Ruffle Dress / Airy Shift Dress


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