Things I Love Thursday


One of the things I was most excited about when joining the “real world” was the prospect of entertaining and hosting parties. Not the typical college party, but the kind of sophisticated but laid back, mature kind of gathering. While the size of my new apartment won’t really allow for sit down dinners (we’re talking tiny living room space), my roommate and I are excited to find ways to entertain and host little fetes of our own.

When it comes down to such events, having wine is a given. Red, white, sparkling, you name it: Which got me thinking…why not serve up said wine in a slightly more appealing fashion? No one NEEDS to know that we probably spent <$10 on a bottle and decor wise, carafes and decanters are great. Nothing over the top– just simple and elegant. Here are some of my favorites at modest price points… I’m leaning towards this and this (but honestly, may just end up with this for the time being).

PS: This? Obscure, but the geography major in me kinda loves it! The maintenance required, not so much.


ONE: Target Threshold Decanter / TWO: Crate&Barrel Acrylic Pitcher (on sale!) / THREE: Things Remembered Glass Decanter / FOUR: CB2 Tilt Decanter / FIVE: Ikea Lonsam Carafe / SIX: Crate&Barrel Pinch Carafe


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3 thoughts on “Things I Love Thursday

  1. I share the sentiment of mature parties postgrad. These are some great finds! Hopefully when I graduate in a month I’ll be able to have intimate, grown up soirees of my own. Never was the college kegger type to begin with.

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