For the Home


With a new apartment on the horizon, my online shopping browsing has been disproportionally decor-related. There are so many great things out there and that makes it especially difficult to narrow things down and determine what aesthetic approach I want to take. Today’s post is kind of a Things I Love Thursday but for the home… it might even turn into a fun little series! What do you think?

If anyone has any stores/sites they swear by for design or home decor, please do send them my way!


ONE: C. Wonder Wine Stopper / TWO: Lulu & Georgia Lamp / THREE: Biscuit Home Tray / FOUR: Waiting on Martha Rope Door Stopper / FIVE: Waiting on Martha Glass Candle Holders / SIX: Society Social Table / SEVEN: Caitlin Wilson Pillow / EIGHT: Archipelago Candle


6 thoughts on “For the Home

  1. Ahhh how fun to decorate a new apartment! We are hoping to be in the same position soon. Love these pics. I would give you my list of decor shop bookmarks, but I feel like I’ve got a bunch of them from your blog! 🙂 But LEIF is one of my favorites!

    • Aww I’m glad they have been helpful! Definitely keep me posted (as I’m sure you will on your blog) if you’re moving! And checked out LEIF- THANK YOU! It is amazing. I know I’ll be scooping some stuff up there!!

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