Needlepoint Coasters

Needlepoint Coasters

Needlepoint is one of those arts that I’ve always loved. I distinctly remember having lots of little needlepoint things…cute, girly things, like little handkerchiefs, doll clothes, small pillowcases, all that. Grandmas love to craft and mine were no exception.

Obviously I’m no small child anymore, but I still can’t get enough of needlepoint. It’s so detailed and sophisticated, and you just know how much thought and work went into each piece. I’d love to learn to learn how to do it some day.

Moving on: the perfect pair of coasters have been on my to-buy list for quite some time. I can’t seem to find a pair I really like and refuse to buy something to hold me over until I find the perfect set. So tissues it is to keep those condensation rings at bay. Enter Smathers & Branson. GAMECHANGER. It’s one of those sites that just makes you want everything. I’ve posted things from them before, but their needlepoint coaster sets deserve their own post. They’re too good just to pick one, so here are my favorites. At this point, the $75 price tag is a bit steep for me– I’m moving, and unfortunately have to prioritize important things like lighting and a bed– but if anyone is looking to get me a little prezzie, you can make it one of these wink wink : ) Perfect for any occasion … a soon to be college grad, perhaps?

All via Smathers & Branson

Yellow Lab / Lobster / Got Rum / Rainbow Fleet / American Flag / Yellow Lab / Nautical Knots / Slices


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