Some fun little finds from this week…this necklace is even prettier in person and I’m anxiously waiting for it to go on sale; a quirky little gold fortune cookie box (cute gift?), a [monogrammed] tote— because I really don’t think you can have enough, unless you’re tight on storage, cause I get that/face this dilemma far too often; a cute little canister that makes storing knick knacks extra fun (at a great price!); the packaging makes me want this fragrance more than ever… anyone know how it smells?; navy + Jacks + tassel = arguably the perfect sandal; I’m dying to add this to my coffee table book collection; and a simple pair of studs to jazz up an outfit!


ONE: Banana Republic Necklace / TWO: Salvatore Ferragamo ‘Signora Eleganza’ / THREE: Tuckernuck Wellie Market Tote / FOUR: Lilly: Palm Beach, Tropical Galmour, and the Birth of a Fashion Legend / FIVE: Gift Boutique Fortune Cookie Box / SIX: Lemon Stripes Small Vessel / SEVEN: Jack Rogers Sandals / EIGHT: Bauble Bar Studs


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