It’s no secret that I love Pinterest. Pinterest + Instagram = my two fav social media platforms. I hate when I get “behind” on pins…which is probably helped by the fact that I don’t follow too many people. Back when I made an account, I hated the idea of connecting it to Facebook (and still think it’s dumb to connect anything to Facebook), so I followed just a few acquaintances and called it a day.

While Pinterest shouldn’t be a sole source of inspiration, it’s pretty great. Lately, I’ve noticed that I repin many things from the same people. So much for branching out…but I’m trying. Some of my favorites include: Merritt (follow her– you won’t regret it!), Mackenzie, Neiman Marcus, Liz, and Kelsey. Follow me here!

Do you love Pinterest this much? And any accounts you think I should follow? Yours included : ) Post them in the comments!

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6 thoughts on “Pinterest

  1. Hi Monica! I am a self-professed Pinterest addict. I always find amazing decor and style inspiration as well as amazing recipes on there.

    I just followed you. You can follow me at:

    My favourite pinners include:

    Moorea Seal
    Tanya Joy
    Yael Serena
    Lauren Conrad
    Megan Gilger

    Happy pinning!

    – Donna

  2. I too love Pinterest! But I’ve stopped scrolling through my “pin feed” or whatever it’s called and mostly just pin things from blogs. But now I’m afraid i’m missing so many awesome things! I do love these pins you have here.

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