To Buy: Stripes


Stripes have been an important part of my closet for as long as I can remember. It’s my favorite pattern, is so timeless, and comes in so many colors and variations. I scooped up this guy a couple of days ago… it was six dollars. Yep, Old Navy has been killin’ it lately. I’ve never been much of a maxi dress girl, but maybe this year is the year. A Saint James tee is on my splurge wish list and this Gap dress is on my more realistic one. This Banana top is a solid middle ground and combining scallops + stripes is just a dream. If blue + white isn’t your color combo of choice (I’ll allow it), most of these come in multiple colors. So whatever your preference/style, hopefully you’ll find something you like!


ONE: Gap Dress TWO: Old Navy Maxi THREE: Banana Republic Shirt FOUR: Club Monaco Shorts FIVE: Saint James Tee SIX: Old Navy Tee (such a steal right now!)


3 thoughts on “To Buy: Stripes

  1. Oh gosh, as if I needed more stripes to covet! 🙂 I’m digging the Old Navy maxi and those cute little shorts. Will I ever stop loving stripes? I doubt it. Glad you seem to share the love!

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