It’s not terribly obvious that spring is on my mind, right? Haha…these past couple of days have been such a tease. First it was sunny and warm. And then I had to pull out rain boots yesterday, and temps dropped again today. My guess is that this is some kind of test for when I’m back in upstate NY for a couple days in April– because it’s probably going to be snowing/sleeting/blizzarding or some variation of the three. But for now, I’ll just embrace my boots and leggings and sweaters a littttle longer and just add some of these to my wishlist. Best of both worlds, right?


ONE: J. Crew Swimsuit / TWO: Bauble Bar Necklace / THREE: J.Crew Factory Sweater / FOUR: Zara Dress / FIVE: Club Monaco Cuff / SIX: Nordstrom Clutch / SEVEN: Sperry Topsiders / EIGHT: Truffle Pouch (on sale!)


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