Loren Hope Spring/Summer 2014

Loren-Hope-Spring-Summer-2014-LookbookAs a little girl, I loved jewelry and all things girly. Earrings became one of the many things I collected (lets be honest, I collected, like, everything) and a trip to Claire’s was the highlight of any visit to the mall. My taste in jewelry has thankfully evolved, but I still love pretty bracelets, necklaces, and earrings like I used to. Rings are a more recent development, but I’ve learned to love them over the past few years.

Loren Hope is up there as one of my favorite jewelry designers. Her pieces have just the right amount of color without being too over the top and the perfectly curated collection allows for many styles to come in multiple colors. I got this cuff for Christmas and can’t wait to add another one of Loren’s pieces to my collection. The Spring/Summer 2014 Collection would be the perfect place to start. The look book? Prepared to be transported to a sunny oasis with good clothes and jewels. I am such a fan of how Loren makes all of her pieces by hand in Rhode Island… each one is clearly made with love. Also, based on Twitter, she’s also macaron-obsessed. A girl after my own heart!

Some of my favorites from Spring/Summer 2014:


In this post:

Mirabel Cuff Small Sara Cuff Pippa Bib Necklace Alice Necklace Abba Earrings Sophia Studs

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