Sarah Vickers’ Rhode Island Office


When it comes to interiors, I’m generally partial to the less-is-more approach. Clutter stresses me out and organizing relaxes me. I get distracted easily, so having less around is usually my M.O. However, certain spaces are an exception. Some are so well-styled with the cutest little adornments. Up at the top of that list is Sarah Vickers’ office. First off, her style is the definition of charming, so it’s no surprise that her office is the same. The books. Can we talk about perfect? It’s like the most organized, systematic clutter (oxymorons definitely ok right now). A library + office combo is my dream, and Sarah has the sweetest little accents scattered systematically throughout.

Just in general, I love Sarah’s blog. She has the most impeccable style and a dream closet (seriously, look). I’ve loved reading her blog and never tire of her perfectly styled shoots. Also, if I could go shopping in her closet, that would be great too. Hello, perfect Ferragamos!

All images via Classy Girls Wear Pearls 


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