Things I Love Thursday


I’m all about the transition to spring right now…catching glimpses of real sunlight and “warm” temperatures will do that to ya! Still, I’m in love with these socks and am itching to bring dashes of leopard into my year-round wardrobe. This satchel and these earrings would be in heavy rotation year-round, plus– these dishtowels are a much needed pop of color to a kitchen on even the dreariest days. But most importantly: I would love this beautiful seersucker robe to ring in spring + summer and have my eye on a pair of Warby Parker sunnies…how good are these?! (and remember my feelings towards tortoise?) And last but not least, this J.Crew popover. Normally I try and wait for J.Crew stuff to go on sale, since it usually happens pretty quickly. But I may spring for this soon. I’m not one for loud prints, but this won my heart with the little passports, champagne bottles, baguettes, camera, croissants, macarons…really just the whole thing is perfection. What are your favorites? Anything you’re itching to get for spring?

In this post:

ONE: Talbots socks // TWO: Warby Parker sunnies // THREE: Zara bag // FOUR: J.Crew earrings // FIVE: Anthropologie dish towels // SIX: Eileen West robe // SEVEN: Talbots belt // EIGHT: J.Crew popover // NINE: Harper’s Bazaar: Greatest Hits


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