After hearing about the brand in passing, I was so happy to finally learn more about Cuyana and its founders in this month’s issue of Matchbook Mag. The company prides itself on supplying high quality products at a reasonable price, which they can do because they work directly with the manufacturer and supply directly to the consumer. Each collection is inspired by a different country– examples include Scotland, Peru, and Argentina. The products from each country are a nod to the local culture, aesthetic, and craftsmanship. Both the founders seem like the sweetest girls with a unique and sharp goal in mind (the Lean Closet Movement? Genius). Their prices are generally affordable and there’s something for everyone.

One of my favorite aspects of the brand is their message: to have fewer, better things. Despite my typical childhood girly tendencies growing up (I wanted everything that was pretty), I’ve come to abide by the “fewer, better things” mentality. It can feel ridiculous to drop $200 on a pair of jeans, but when when I realize that I’m going to wear them for at least six year (true story), it’s clearly worth the investment. Plus, I have weird sizing issues. But that’s another story.

If you’re in San Fran, definitely drop by their Union Square showroom. It’s stunning!

Cashmere Crewneck Sweater // Travel Case // Leather Tote // Passport Case // Turkish Towel // Alpaca Infinity Scarf


3 thoughts on “Cuyana

  1. I actually found out about Cuyana through a subscription box–I got that infinity scarf! It’s gorgeous and so soft. I love the fewer things mantra and always tell myself it’s the way to do things, but then I impulse buy pretty things. It’s a long learning process…

  2. I just saw read the article on Cuyana in Matchbook and it was so fun to learn more about the company. I received the infinity scarf in grey a few months back as a birthday gift and I love it, I have been wearing it non stop! I also really love their leather tote bags, I have my eye on a tan version!

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