Around the World: The Ritz Carlton, Berlin

Ritz-Carlton-BerlinSince my love for travel is no secret, I’ve decided to start a series entitled “Around the World,” featuring some of the prettiest, coolest, and/or most unique hotels in the world. First up is The Ritz Carlton in Berlin — isn’t it stunning?! Berlin is on my 30 in 30 list and while I don’t expect to stay at this lovely hotel, I can tell you I’ll be dropping by to admire the lobby and the boulangerie. Personal favorites: all the color schemes and the traditional decor. I never thought I’d want red velvet pillows on my couch, but it just works here (in the living room of the apartment). And the navy upholstery on the chair in the grand suite? Swoon. But my most favorite is probably the beautiful woodwork in the brasserie desbrosses boulangerie. It’s so French and timeless and makes for the perfect cafe backdrop.

Have you come across any exquisite hotels that just blew you away– in person or online? There are some beauties that I can’t wait to share. Even if we’re just stuck at home, it’s nice to dream!

Images via The Ritz Carlton Berlin website


8 thoughts on “Around the World: The Ritz Carlton, Berlin

  1. Beautiful! I have a real weakness for luxury hotels. I stayed in one in Hong Kong for a work trip (client’s dime) that pretty much spoiled me for life. Love Berlin and would not complain about staying here!

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