Friday Things


Whoohoo happy weekend! How were your weeks? I’m having the most fun following along as some of my favorite bloggers share pictures and stories from New York Fashion Week (#NYFW). Nothing too crazy going on here, just some crafts, a nice dinner, relaxing, Olympics watching (seriously, get your sh*t together, Sochi!) and finally visiting Bao Bao this weekend. A slower couple days is exactly what I need right now. Here are some links to peruse — stay warm and dry (seriously, what, weather?) and have a great weekend!

Of note (short and sweet this week)…

– These two adorable little girls wrote out a list of 30 “Rules for Boyfriends” and it’s gold. Highlights: “Don’t pick your nose” and “Doesn’t tattle tale.”

– If you’re in DC, you’ve got to check out this new flower service: UrbanStems.Β They’re a new company that’s sure to succeed– $35 (including delivery!)Β for gorgeous flowers, delivered within one hour anywhere in DC. Seriously, how great is that?! I love their clean, simple website and their fun, witty language. Even if you don’t live here, check out their pretty blooms!

– I loved Grace’s post on how often our conversations with friends revolve around work. I’m guilty of this as well. It’s so easy to let that dominate conversation until it’s called to our attention. Grace and a couple friends deliberately chose to leave “work” out of their conversations and were really happy with the outcome. I’m eager to try this– no matter what age you are, it’s so easy to let work, homework, blogging, etc. dominate conversation.

– The Super Bowl is over, but I’m obsessed with Kate’s little football rice krispes! It may be fun to try an Olympic themed version, perhaps?

– I am enamored with Gap’s Paddington Bear collection for the little ones. Remember Paddington Bear? Literally one of the best childhood memories. How adorable is this collection? Everything– including this little poncho, dress, booties (swoooon), and their overall marketingΒ — is spot.on.

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