Nail Polish


Like most, I’m a nail polish girl. A trip to said aisle is necessary pretty much every time I go to the drugstore, and I love painting my nails myself. One: not going to the salon saves lots of $$ and two, you get to buy more pretty polish bottles (Essie is my favorite, as you can see). Side note: pedicures at a salon > pedicures at home, ALWAYS. Until about eight months ago, I would only paint my finger nails clear or the lightest possible shade of pink. Essie’s Mademoiselle was (and still kind of is) my jam. I was in such a habit of having my nails painted at all times, that they eventually got tinged this terrible yellowish shade and I had to go bare for a few weeks to let them breathe. It was a pretty sad/pathetic realization.

After getting Sand Tropez as a gift, I sort of branched out and tried to get away from my usual, nearly transparent tones. Now, I’m “adventurous,” and have added navy, pink, and red to my rotation of neutrals. It may not be a lot, but I’m happy to have finally branched out. These are some of my favorites– I have Mademoiselle, Sand Tropez, and After School Boy Blazer, and I’m confident that the others would be the perfect additions to my current collection that consists of mostly pinks and reds (I’m still a bit wary about trying the sparkles in Cocktails & Coconuts, but maybe for New Years or something!). What are your favorites? Any you recommend a neutral-loving girl should check out?

PS: Best topcoat ever

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