Friday Things


Hellooo and happy weekend! How were your weeks? I found myself craving some extra inspiration and pretty things this week. Maybe it’s the upcoming change in seasons or the fact that I’m moving to a new apartment in a couple of months and starting to seriously think about decorating my space…I don’t know. My little cousin is in town for a couple of days and I’m taking her on college visits. I was a tour guide in college (and at my K-12 school before) so it’ll be fun to see it from the other side. And then the Super Bowl– my night usually consists of watching some football, catching some of the commercials, drinking beer, and eating a lot of food. Do you have any festive plans? Hope your team of choice wins..have a great one!

Of note…

– I generally love a slice of lemon in my water, but this article made me a little squeamish and is making me rethink it…

Danielle posted these national flags composed of traditional foods from each country. I’m drooling… these are amazing!

– For all of you non-Texans who have all these questions about Tex-Mex, hopefully this will help. I don’t agree with all of it, but see? It is just a separate genre of food. No one said it’s genuine Mexican food!

This is one of the most unique and perfect hostess gifts you can bring to a party. Borrowing this idea, immediately.

– Cuteness No. 1

– Cutness No. 2 (well done, Budweiser!)

– I thought I spotted slightly lower prices in J.Crew’s Spring 2014 collection! Turns out the retailer is lowering prices and finally acknowledging that designer prices do not equate to happy J.Crew shoppers.  This is great news for me, bad news for my (and probs your) wallet (hello, pretty).

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3 thoughts on “Friday Things

  1. I loved Emily’s hostess gift idea too. Those flags are awesome. I refuse to click on that lemon water link, because I’d rather not know. And Go Broncos! Duh.

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